Thursday, 29 September 2016

Yes, It's A-MAZE-ing!

Last year, there was a new addition to the Media Centre Team - in the form of BB8, fresh from the Millennium Falcon. This year BB8 is a reoccurring guest droid in the Media Centre.

Guest Starring BB8!

If you have made a visit to the Library Media Centre this week you will have noticed that there is a maze, marked out in masking tape on the carpet.

Just another day in the Library Media Centre....

The session started with students marking out the maze.  Students were able to show what a good maze looks like and felt that the first maze was 'too easy' so they added extra - risk takers!. From the outset, the students were working collaboratively to complete tasks.  After the maze was finalized, they split into two teams of three and the objective was clear: create a program that would move BB8 from its starting point to the end.  The end is marked with an apple.  Are you able to find a path to the end?

The next time you are in the Media Centre, be sure to stop by my desk and have a go at completing "Mr Towse's Tech Challenge."  Do you think you would be able to program BB8 around the maze?  Using the app Tickle, students are continuing to learn how to program the BB-8.

Could you make stop on the line like our students did? 

If you are interested in getting started with coding, be sure to check out new Tech Resources pages. You can access this using the button on the left of this blog or via the following link
Inspired by Mr E & Ms. Lea

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Global Wordles

Last week Seisen celebrated Global Mindedness Day. During Grade 5s time in the library this week students reflected on what we believe are the important attributes and attitudes of a globally minded person. We also read some of the statements found in the Seisen student and teacher profile. 

Each student listed 10 words including the word global. After these were collected the following wordles were created. There are similarities and differences. The wordle helps us see which words were most common as the word increases in size when as is used more often.

Friday, 23 September 2016


1:1 in the 4th & Final Quarter

As the final Chromebook is delivered to the Elementary School, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our 1:1 implementation plan and roll-out.  

Learning to love, loving to learn through kindness and gratitude runs through Seisen International School and on behalf of the elementary students and staff I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Ms. Rogers (Head of School), Dr. Mulligan (ES Principal) and Mr. Jansen (IT coordinator) for making this possible. 

The effective integration of ICT enhances the learner’s opportunity to connect globally and to explore different perspectives in order to understand evolving cultural and social norms. (IBO, 2011)

After a successful pilot scheme with our grade three students back in November, we decided to proceed with our elementary school initiative.  It was clear from staff and student feedback that Chromebooks were having an impact in the classroom.  No more having to reserve and check-out devices - the Chromebooks were accessible and on-hand when staff and students wanted them to be. It was becoming clear that in doing so we were integrating technology and empowering students along the way.

From November to February, based on feedback and in-line with our roll out plan, we placed Chromebooks into grades four and five.  By this time, it was noted that the MacBooks were being used less for Google Apps for Education and more for Garageband and iMovie - this was great, staff and students were making choices between hardware and software.

ICT includes a variety of approaches to help connect learners within both the local and global community in order to empower learning. Learners’ awareness, use and appreciation of different ICT knowledge, skills and platforms should be developed. Furthermore, students should be encouraged to recognize that competency in ICT is a valuable life skill. (IBO, 2011)

The academic year ended with grade four being 1:1 and we were all but complete.  We would have to wait until after the summer vacation.  In the meantime, our grade six Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme had successfully launched to parents, with two parent information meetings. Could we dare to believe that, come September, we might actually we 1:1 in grades three through six?!

Back-to-school and the final batch of Chromebooks were on order and with a confirmed shipping date the dream of being 1:1 was slowly becoming reality.   Meanwhile, in grade six, Ms. Naini, Mr O'shea, Mr Hughes and of course grade six students' were getting underway with BYOD.  This year we are making the switch to an online platform for student portfolios.  We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with proceedings, so stay tuned!  Follow grade-level blogs by email and never miss an update!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Global Mindedness Day

Students came to the Media Centre today and made QR codes to share information they found on various countries. They worked together cooperatively and communicated their ideas on the information other students have collected from Country Reports last year. These displays will be on the walls near the existing flags so their work will be shared.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Keeping Seisen Online!

At Seisen International School, we are committed to protecting our children, both in and out of school. It is important that we educate the children about how to stay safe in all environments, including when they are online using the internet.

For Parents 

The Parental Control Feature on Mac


If you are an Apple Mac user and your child has access at home or your child is using a Mac device at school, you might like to consider using the Parental Control feature. With this feature enabled parents or guardians are able to control the applications and content your child is able to use and view.
During our Bring Your Own Device information sessions, parents asked about such features and ways in which they could monitor the use of the device, at home and at school. In addition to the pre-installed software, we ask that students use the browser Google Chrome to access Google Apps for Education and their e-Portfolio and we recommend that this browser is installed.
For further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Media Centre Staff.

Some links for further, and more detailed information: 

Privacy and Internet Safety 


Grade 1 - 3 

Grade 4 - 5 

Grade 6 

Middle and High School 

As always if you would like further details or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Media Centre Team.

Welcome to the Library Media Centre

We would like to welcome you to our Elementary School, Library Media Centre Blog.  This blog is brought to you my Ms Lea, Ms Ingrid and Mr Towse and through regular updates, we hope to give you an insight into teaching and learning.
Ms Ingrid, Mr Towse & Ms Lea
Our Elementary School Media Centre is a warm inviting space that both the children and the staff enjoy using. We offer a wide range of facilities and a quality collection of books for the children to choose from. The Library Media Centre is open from 8.00 in the morning until 4.15 in the afternoon.

Parents are welcome to pop in at any time with their children to have a look at our Library Media Centre. The children are welcome before and after school, lunchtimes and of course when they come in with their class. The Library Media Centre offers a vast range of technology to facilitate reading and enhance the learning process.

If you have queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or tweet us @sisesmctweets

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Library Media Centre Homepage

We encourage all of the Seisen community to visit our website and utilize our research tools. Come and check out our bulletin board on Parents Day next week!

Where am I?
Where in the School? Leave us a comment with your answer.  Better still, take a photo standing in front of the display.

Passwords are important!

During library media centre lessons Grade 3 students have been learning about responsibility and the importance of having access at both home and school, or wherever they are, to the passwords that are necessary for our online books and research tools.

They created a reference page in their google docs, by selecting a google drawing where different shapes were allocated different usernames and passwords. long as they remember their google log in and password they will have access to many great sites for use with their schoolwork, homework or for leisure.

Monday, 5 September 2016

From Database to just takes practice in Grade 4

This week Ms Lea and Ms Ingrid have been supporting the current Grade 4 Where we are in place and time unit by sharing two new databases available from the ES Library Media Centre home page. These are World Almanac and Learn 360. 

Following on from lessons about how to locate information and articles in the World Almanac, we discussed how highlighters can be used to select keywords about the explorer Captain James Cook. Using these keywords, the girls have practiced skills of summarising their new knowledge, before sharing their ideas orally in their classrooms. 

Grade 1 Connect Learner Profile Words with Stories

Grade 1 student have been enjoying some stories from the library media centre related to their current Who We Are unit. We have been discussing new profile words to describe what makes a good learner by identifying characteristics of some of the story characters.

In particular, we have focused on -
Reflective, and 

Now whenever they read a book in class or the library they can reflect on these characteristics and how they support successful relationships.