Sunday, 23 April 2017

Celebrating Poetry Month

Celebrating Poetry Month April 2017

Currently, the fourth graders have been busy inquiring into different types of poems.  In their most recent library lesson, they looked for poems that have touched their hearts, made them giggle or even gave them a scare, to share with each other.  Some girls decided to add their creative flare when they shared.

"I didn't know they wrote poems about potatoes!  What else is there?

"I found a poem about my birthday month!"
             Searching for the most interesting poem to share.


Demonstrating creativity when presenting their poems.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Sakura Book and Art Competitions are Drawing to a Close

Sakura season is nearly over and so are the Sakura book and art competitions. We recently accompanied our team of grade 4 and 5 students to Nishimachi International School as they took part in the All Japan Sakura Book Bowl. We were proud of our teams outstanding effort and achievements in this competition. Many lunchtimes and personal hours went into their careful preparation. 

Congratulations girls. 

Our students (Grade 2-6) have had the opportunity to display many of the PYP attributes and attitudes as they have strived to read the goals they set last semester. These have included creativity in their art work, perseverance and commitment, open-mindedness as they tried new authors and book genres, and finally commitment and integrity as they completed their reading bookmarks and as they took part in the all important voting.

We were proud to submit 15 pieces of art from the ES for consideration in the art competition.

We will be able to announce all the winners in the art and following areas in May:
Japanese Picture Book
English Picture Book
English Chapter Book
Japanese Chapter Book, and
Graphic Novel.