Thursday, 29 September 2016

Yes, It's A-MAZE-ing!

Last year, there was a new addition to the Media Centre Team - in the form of BB8, fresh from the Millennium Falcon. This year BB8 is a reoccurring guest droid in the Media Centre.

Guest Starring BB8!

If you have made a visit to the Library Media Centre this week you will have noticed that there is a maze, marked out in masking tape on the carpet.

Just another day in the Library Media Centre....

The session started with students marking out the maze.  Students were able to show what a good maze looks like and felt that the first maze was 'too easy' so they added extra - risk takers!. From the outset, the students were working collaboratively to complete tasks.  After the maze was finalized, they split into two teams of three and the objective was clear: create a program that would move BB8 from its starting point to the end.  The end is marked with an apple.  Are you able to find a path to the end?

The next time you are in the Media Centre, be sure to stop by my desk and have a go at completing "Mr Towse's Tech Challenge."  Do you think you would be able to program BB8 around the maze?  Using the app Tickle, students are continuing to learn how to program the BB-8.

Could you make stop on the line like our students did? 

If you are interested in getting started with coding, be sure to check out new Tech Resources pages. You can access this using the button on the left of this blog or via the following link
Inspired by Mr E & Ms. Lea

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