Friday, 21 October 2016

Ssssshkype it's a Library Media Centre

Effective and successful integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) is central to connecting those studying the Primary Year Programme to the wider world around them.  Students, at Seisen, are given opportunities, through Inquiry to Investigate and Communicate beyond the more traditional printed media.  ICT tools provide students with a platform to Collaborate with a global audience.  

“Help to create a better and more peaceful world.” (IBO)

Students at Seisen learn what it means to be a participant in a global community, to be digitally responsible and to make informed reflective decisions. 

This week we have been visited by two authors. Thank you to Ms. Linda Gerber and Night Zookeeper Buzz.

The Zoo needs you! 

Buzz's visit wasn't what you might expect.  He joined us from the Night Zoo via +Skype, where he shared the first chapter of the Spying Giraffe, offered students great advice for their writing; 'Great characters are an integral part of a successful story' . He finished by answering student questions. We found out that if Buzz had to compare himself to any of the zoo characters, he would choose Sam the Spying Giraffe because he is young, creative and eager to learn - sounds like our students here at Seisen.
Night Zookeeper via Skype Classroom
We welcomed Ms. Gerber's to the Library Media Centre, on Tuesday afternoon.  We learned she is a 'mom and an author' and she writes mostly mystery books and likes to integrate Japanese culture. Mama Gerber came to read to Grade 2 as part of their How we express ourselves unit. She shared her passion and writing experiences as she answered the many questions put to her. She also read one of her short stories.

If you are an author and would be happy to Skype with us please contact us at  or tweet us @sisesmctweets. 

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