Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Books and Bowls

What do we do books and bowls have in common? As a new teacher librarian at Seisen I asked myself this question last year...as I had never heard the term Book Bowl.
So as it turns out a lot to do with books ...

and nothing to do with bowls ... or even bowling.

The Sakura Book bowl is a competitive quiz game for Sakura Medal chapter book readers in Grades 4 and 5, and the time is coming again to select students for the Seisen Book Bowl team.

I have been talking with the grade appropriate class this week and have encouraged them to consider what the need to do to join this team. Commitment, confidence, enthusiasm and independence are all PYP attitudes that will be required and extended during this time.

Many girls have set goals to have read five chapter books by the end of the holidays so they can come to the first 'elimination' lunch time meeting in January.

Once we have settled on a team the girls will need to devote school and home time practicing for the various quiz questions. The actual competition takes place in 11th April so lots of time to get bowling... I mean reading!

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